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Virtual Job Club Day 4: Tackling the Potential Obstacles

First, thanks for calling in yesterday to hear Michelle Pippin’s five strategies for controlling the fear instead of allowing it to control you. If you missed it, here’s the link to the recording. Listen anytime.

On Day Two, I asked you to look into your crystal ball: if in six months you’re still out of work, what would have stood in your way. You were very candid in your replies and I appreciate that.

But putting them on paper isn’t enough. We can’t stop there. We have to address — and fix — those obstacles so they don’t block your path to success.

Today’s assignment is to think back — or look back — at the answers you gave and come up with smart solutions. Here are three examples to help your thinking based on some of the most common responses:

OBSTACLE #1: “There are very few jobs available and the ones who get hired have friends or family that have gotten them in.”

  • First, I don’t want you to blame things that are out of your control. I want you to focus on what’s in your control. If you’re positive there are few or no jobs, then you’re doomed to fail. Let’s assume there are “only” a few jobs: That’s fine because you only need ONE.
  • What exactly can you do to position yourself effectively for one of those “few” jobs? Someone has to get hired, so why can’t it be you?
  • Where can you meet and connect with these people who are the family and friends helping someone get hired? Why can’t you be one of those friends?
  • If what you’re going for truly has too few opportunities, then change what you’re seeking.
    Right now.
  • Consider creating your own opportunity in this particular field by consulting, freelancing or starting your own business.
  • OBSTACLE #2: “I’ve been unemployed for more than a year and nobody wants people with a gap.”

  • Again, this is putting the blame on other people, instead of focusing on what you can control. You can’t change the past, so accept it and deal with it head on.
  • While some employers frown upon those with a gap, not all do, which means you must find the ones who’ll give you a shot. Don’t use generalities like “nobody” will hire you.
  • Fill the gap right now. If you’ve been doing nothing all this time, it’s not impressive for any employer. What are you doing to keep up your skills? Take a course, do some strategic volunteering, find an internship or externship, pursue temp work, create a special project, start something.
  • Be ready with a smart answer on how to explain the gap. Don’t assume you won’t have to address it. You will—so prepare for that.
  • OBSTACLE #3 “I’m pursuing an area I know nothing about and I don’t have the proper qualifications.”

  • This is easily fixable, which you must understand and embrace.
  • Get qualified. Nobody should apply for things in which they’re not qualified. Take a course, create a project, volunteer to gain this skill, figure out how to start doing it on your own to learn what you need to know.
  • Educate yourself. With information available at your fingertips, it’s inexcusable to say you “know nothing” about what you want. Be curious. Set up informational conversations. Connect with leaders in this field through LinkedIn groups and other social networks.
  • Pursue a similar, complementary role—one you’re more qualified for right now—that will help you gain the necessary skills to move into this new direction.
  • You get the idea. Go back to one or more of your obstacles and tell me below specifically what you can do to overcome them. We can’t allow the obstacles to hang over your head.

    Also, this is a great exercise for each of you to help one another. You’re usually better at giving clear, smart, savvy advice to others than you are at helping yourself. Through that process, you’ll open your eyes to what’s possible for yourself.

    I look forward to seeing your focus on SOLUTIONS today.




    1. Hi Tory,
      I guess the solution to my problems is to keep networking to find an employer who is willing to hire a home based worker. I also could start my own business. I am not sure how to do that. I am not sure how to go about finding clients who need some typing work done or especially who need research work completed.

    2. CJ

      I am working 2 PT/consulting jobs while looking for my next FT position. CONTINUED networking, communication with and support for other colleagues in my field from the last time I was looking, until now, was the key to my getting the 2 PT projects and I regularly have colleagues sending me leads about openings. While I am waiting to hear about the next step for a particular job, I read as many blogs, e-newsltrs, and linked-in group activity as I can (I’m a member of 14+ Linked-in groups related to my field), to enhance & expand my knowledge and share with others–which is cheaper than taking a class even though I’d like to do that also! And even with all this, I still get discouraged now and then, because it seems the search consultants & employers have all the cards and can take you out of the running because of one minor issue they have with your resume, a letter you wrote or a hair out of place! (But then, I don’t WANT to work for someone who finds that kind of fault with their employees!!) But we all must keep going on, and if it takes as much energy to put on that positive attitude every day as it does to run a marathon, then that’s what we have to do, right?

    3. PJ

      Well after listening to the phone call, my real fear is letting go of my physical job and not being able to find a virtual one. Or finding a virtual job and not making enough money or losing that job. I guess my solution is to evaluate our finances and just prepare for both the good and bad. As a military spouse that have to find a new job every 3-4 years, I do this anyway.

    4. Debbie

      I think that in order to overcome the obstacles which we are all voicing, perhaps we should look at them in a different light – they are not obstacles – just “challenges” which we need to conquer. Everyone usually loves a challenge. I remember when my kids were little, we used to challenge each other as to who could reach the deep end of the pool the fastest swimming a certain stroke. We did not focus on things like “Mom is taller so she can go further on one stroke” – we focused on the challenge of swimming the fastest to the other side of the pool – not the obstacle. Why not do that here? I know I will. Thanks Tory for giving me the chance to express myself and figure these things out! I will take on the challenge and find that writing assignment!

    5. Carmen

      I believe that I have to keep networking, networking, networking and not be afraid of rejection or that I am “overqualified” and will not get paid enough, etc. I need to think more positive and go forward and keep on keeping on with my job search!

    6. AB

      I have done a lot of social networking online, but not so much as external networking. I am going to look for volunteer work so I can be visible and meet more people.

    7. RK

      Although I am unemployed, I am afraid that starting my own business will take too long and I won’t have the funds (unemployment) to survive. Also, that I don’t have the funds to properly get it going on a very miniscule budget. I am highly qualified and knowledgeable in my field. I know how to fix urban schools (achievement scores) and have demonstrated my ability to do so in the past. I don’t know how to market that. Fear, fear, fear. I’m going to keep telling myself that “I DON’T DO FEAR.” I wrote the copy this morning describing what I do and I need to find a way to get the word out. I will try twitter. I really don’t know what to do.

    8. DKCG

      Day 4: Begin networking with former colleagues who are in the government to draw from them. I just placed a call to a former Chief of Staff of where I used to work. This individual is now a City Manager. I am applying for City Administrator positions. We will be meeting to discuss this and to look at my resume.

    9. DS

      I am currently working on revamping my resume and cover letter. I want to go back to grad school in December. I am working on starting my own bookkeeping/tax business and I have enrolled in a 10 week tax class. The biggest problem I have right now is I am running out or should I say I have run out of money. I am on the verge of being homeless. Trying to keep balance is becoming hard. Might I add I am also working on my passion which is writing, so I am working on a devotional, an e book and a novel. I am totally motivated and committed but I need money. I remain hopeful,committed and FEARLESS!

    10. ST

      I am currently in the process of trying to enroll into classes to get a certificate in either medical coding and/or medical assistant to obtain more knowledge on the field that I want to work in. I have always wanted to work in a hospital to help people. I obtained my degree in Technical Management with a concentration in Health Service Management. My degree is so broad that literally I can work in any field, however my passion is healthcare. To work towards this certificate I am trying to obtain some type of grant so that I do not have to pay out of pocket because I live paycheck to paycheck. It’s hard to move towards my goal when I don’t have the financial means and my student loans are drowning me. I still look for ways to expand my wealth of knowledge until I am able to get enrolled into these classes. I am also looking into getting my resume and cover letter a makeover because maybe I am not listing my experience in a way that pops out to the employer to say I am the best candidate for the position.

    11. I have to say that volunteering, and networking within my organizations has helped me to keep going. I am active, I have somewhere to go, and I still talk to people. All of these things remind me that I am not alone in my situation. Of course I still have bad days, and I know the fear is there. Interesting thing about the fear. especially when you know it’s there, you find other excuses to hide it. I have taken this time to start my own business, write a book, take some voice classes to improve my speaking, I just ran out of momey. That being said, the reality of the situation dictates that I will have to go back to work. I had a very encouraging meeting with a recruiter yesterday. Another thing I have been avoiding. Time to face my fears, move on.

    12. JE

      After listening to Michelle yesterday, I have determined that the single underlying factor common to all three perceived roadblocks is fear. I don’t interview well because I fear the reaction of the person doing the interviewing. I have an inadequate network because I fear trying to netowrk with a new person and being rejected. I have poor self-esteem because I fear other people will see me as inadequate, which is frequently how I see myself. I need to work on my fears by utilizing Michelle’s 5 strategies. This is much more easily said than done, but I think it must be done.

    13. MJ

      1.- What is my reality? my reality is preparing resumes, contacting groups and people.
      2.- My options are going for up-to day skills classes.
      3.- I am actually doing something new every day by searching clubs, organizations,learning to be myself, looking into volunteer options and career advances.

    14. DT

      Hi Tory, thanks for such valuable information. I really appreciate it. I can over come the obstacles with my education is to be looking for grants and scholarships to help pay off the balance.

    15. CH

      Solutions To My Obstacles
      1. Locate a not for profit in my community and volunteer for a leadership role.

      2. I am currently in school seeking a Masters Degree, I will keep pursuing the degree and focus more clearly on finishing.

      3. I am going to join a local club that focuses on one of the areas of the position that I have no experience in. (Photography Club)

      4. I also need to clearly define what it is I want. I believe clear focus is an obstacle for me.

    16. TSH

      The number one solution to my list…Take Action. I think about one of the statements made on a Spark and Hustle call for business owners or potential business owners,the statement was “No one is coming to save you, you have to get out there and make things happen for yourself”.

    17. Judi

      My biggest obstacle is not knowing what I want to do next. I have a vague idea that I want to do something that includes writing and giving presentations but I’m not sure where to look for it.

      The ACTION I took today was to call the college where I began my educational journey 40 years ago and made an appointment to talk to a counselor about what jobs would fit my skills and what other training I might need. I discovered that the school’s policy is “once a student, always a student” so I still have privileges there.

    18. terri

      Day 4 Solutions, I think I need to do more networking getting out there being shy and insecure will not land me the job. I need to build that confidence to go interview and make that employer believe what I can do for that company.
      Thanks Tori gotta work on this!

    19. Mary

      Hi Tory,

      Thanks for including Michelle’s phone call. Most of the things she discussed I have already done, except I was still working on #4 Focus on What You Have to Give, and #5 Take Action Every Day, so it did make me feel that I was doing things I needed to be doing. It’s a process, and I’m learning new things each day.

      To help me keep track of the program, I went back and copied the responses I’ve left each day along with your assignments into my own journal just for your 30 day program. For today’s assignment, I was able to easily identify the steps I need to take to address the three obstacles I posted, which are:

      1) Identify job opportunities with government agencies I’d like to work for in DuPage, Kane, Will and Winnebago Counties. All of which I can either drive to or stay with folks during the week until I sell my house.

      2) Design a unique functional resume and a marketing letter that specifically addresses the jobs I want.

      3) Prepare proposal packets for the first group of agencies I’m targeting in suburban Cook County and DuPage County, and select a day in early September to deliver them in person to each agency.

      As God would have it, on Tuesday I met a person who worked for a government agency I hadn’t considered who shared that she had gotten her job there at age 55 after being a stay at home mother whose husband unexpectedly died. That was sixteen years ago. I actually stayed after the meeting and shared employment resources I have that she can use to help others, and she then shared two specific steps she had taken that led to her landing this job. Even stranger yet, the agency has openings right now that might work for me…

      So thanks very much for hosting this program; it gives me an accountability group that works with any schedule I have for the day, and I’m praying that God send a very special blessing your way!

    20. Debbie G.

      Obstacle #1: I dread going back into an 8:00-5:00+ job in a field I have no excitement for, so I feel less than 100% committed to finding a job.
      SOLUTION(S): As I said on day 1 of this program, if I could do anything, I would be a college professor, researcher and author merging my experience, skills and interests in managing a business, sustainability (triple bottom line), international relations/partnering and positive psychology. I believe my current finances and my lack of a masters/doctorate put this dream in the mid to long term bucket. In the short term, I need to build up our financial reserves using my current expertise (which is pretty substantial) and start developing the skills/credentials I need to do my dream career. Thinking about it this way, getting a full-time position doesn’t feel like a life sentence – it feels more like a means to a more desirable end. To keep motivated, I am also going to call all the academic people I know (or have access to in my network) to buy them coffee and get their views on what it would take for me to become a college professor/instructor. Then, I can have a real plan for my new career and I can be excited about how my “for now” job will help me get there.

      Obstacle #2: I have not applied for many positions and I use the excuse that I need to “fix/update/redo” my resume, which I do constantly, or that I need to get into a disciplined schedule, which I keep planning and not executing. So, basically, I am not taking the actions that will get me a job.
      SOLUTION(S): I gave myself a deadline of the end of this week to get all my “job hunt marketing materials” updated and ready to go. I just finished the last set of edits to a really good resume and I will have all my on-line profiles, resumes, website, etc. updated and complete tomorrow. I have been going to the library to compose, update, and review these documents so I am not distracted in my home office and I only bring my computer and my job hunt folder with me. I’m also using the tactic of finding alternate work spaces to help me stay disciplined with going to social networking and job sites. I give myself one or two specific job hunt goals to get done either at the Library or at a local coffee shop (this keeps me focused) and I put together a spreadsheet of daily/weekly sites I need to visit and updates I need to make (daily social networking updates or discussions) to track myself. Lastly, I have given myself a target number of “hands” I need to get my resume out to each week, whether it’s applying for a specific position, updating someone in my network, sending it to a target company, or following up on a potential lead.

      Obstacle #3: I don’t like to pick up the phone and call people. I never have been a big phone talker and I find it intimidating to call people to ask for something (help, support, a job, leads, an interview, whatever.) … I use the excuses that people don’t want to be bothered or that I will look desperate or that that’s not how it is done.
      SOLUTION(S): Reframe the reason I am calling someone – I have strong skills that get results and if there is someone out there that could use my skills, then I need to (a) find them through any means I can and/or (b) get into a discussion with them re: what I can do for them. I need to remember that I could be the call they have been waiting for – the solution to their problem – and we won’t connect if I don’t make the effort. And, if a job application/notice says “no calls”, I need to find other acceptable methods to follow-up (snail mail, email, LinkedIn message, internal contact, etc.)

    21. DAS

      Day 4 Get back to basics. Find ways to get in the door by volunteering at the charities I want to work at. Also take classes so that I have experience with all the qualifications that they require. I will start this week starting with a list of what I need to do and how to do them.

    22. DWS

      One of my obstacles was to do more networking. You can accomplish this by several means: 1) Attend more networking events in the field and areas of town where you are trying to gain employment. There are several and you need to find them, register, and attend them regularly. Have plenty of business cards and be prepared to talk about others looking for work in attendance as well as your own situation. Be a good listener first, then when the time is right you can share your story as well. 2. Go to the between jobs ministries in your area as well, they are usually weekly. 3. Use the phone to call everyone in your address book both work related and personal, and start to pick their brain for possible leads. Get aggressive, and don’t be afraid to step outside the box.

    23. sm

      Day 4. I am about to complete advanced degree but in prep for getting next job in the field, I took an internship several months ago with small company doing exactly what I’ve been in school training to do. It was strategic decision to take internship vs. a higher paying job, so I can show practical experience along with the degree. I hope this pays off in my job hunt.

    24. YG

      I have enrolled in grad school in an effort to learn how to be a more effective project and people manager. I have also looked at applying for positions that are outside of my field. Maybe if I find something that I like then I will be more driven to excel.

    25. Alison

      I may not have the work experience in a promotional travel coordinator role, but I do have lots of international travel experience. I also have minors in both areas of marketing and international business. So in order for me to gain experience, I’m going to go to local travel agents offices and ask if I can job shadow or speak with them about their role. Hopefully one will have a hiring need, even if it’s administrative. This can be my foot in the door. Then this will allow me to expand my knowledge and gain valuable skills. Additionally, a friend of mine said she knows someone whose aunt works or owns a travel agency. I need to see if I can connect with her. Also, my boyfriend travels a lot on business and for international trips they use an agency. Hopefully he can connect me to a person who works there. Overall, for me it’s about networking and asking around. Then followed by getting experience. Volunteering may not be an option. I also need to keep up to date with Travelzoo’s career postings and a few others who have offices in my area. I need to better cater my resume for them.

    26. Barbara Cann

      I’ve realized the past few days that I am not using my networking skills effectively in today’s marketplace. To improve this:

      1) I’m working on tightening up my LinkedIn profile.

      2) I’ve just discovered a ‘new’ site called “About Me” which I am now creating.

      3) I am starting a new WordPress blog in which I will write all those ideas that I think would make a good column. While I’m working toward finding that kind of paying slot, I’ll be creating a web “portfolio” for any potential publisher to review. AND I’ll be building a network of my own in time.

      4) Once these are established, I will add these link elements to my email signature as well a linking them to each other. This way professional eyes will see that I am a professional, with definite, marketable goals.

    27. Hope Stern

      Two things for me…
      1, I signed up with and have completed a few courses to help me feel better with my knowledge of social media
      AND I am writing a blog and getting it ready to unveil. What I did do? Made a date to unveil it…a deadline…so I keep it

      2, I reached out to even more contacts on linkedin in the last few days and lo and behold I made about 9 new contacts in the digital realm…
      three of them have emailed me and chatted.

      3, I have dove into recruiting and chats on Twitter where HR people give great advice and look out for you if they get to see you there a lot

      It helps to pinpoint obstacles so you can tackle them head on


    28. AW

      Well ironically enough I started inadvertently working on this yesterday. I have an interest in doing usability, web analytics,or something in that regard as well as be able to express myself in a meaningful way. Working on my brand as it were. I got an unexpected coupon emailed to me and decided to take advantage and brought the website name. I could have easily kept it on the free version, but if I am serious about making this my field, I better have a website that potential employers can look at. In this day and time, I have realized (finally) that if I say I want to do something, I better be able to show the proof that I actually want it through my actions, not just my words.

      The next obstacle that I am going to remove is the fear of the job search. I think because my previous job searches have been so haphazard, at times it can feel overwhelming. I am really sit down and write down a game plan. I thank Tory of giving me the gift of realizing that I have a clean slate, but I also realize that does not give me license to just go out there and do anything without a rhyme or reason. That is my weekend project. To organize myself so that I can keep my job search focused and on track.

    29. KE

      My solution is to keep applying to jobs and NOT be afraid of going out to volunteer, go to networking events,etc no matter what. Also, I must stand up to the negative people who I have allowed to make me feel like I can’t do anything.

    30. RP

      You know what? At the end of Day 3, I really discovered that I don’t know what it is I want to do. Kind of hard to move forward from there. Anything I do right now is strictly to pay bills. My passion is GONE. What would I like to do? That makes me jump out of bed and hum while on my way to work in bumper to bumper traffic? Drawing a blank. My job search has become, “yeah, I can do that” as opposed to “YO! I WANT TO DO THAT!!!”

      I begin my last 2 classes of my BSc this Sunday and am in process of starting my Masters’ program in October. Since my freelance work has steadily decreased, I’ve been lending my skills to start-ups in exchange for honorarium &/or testimonial and referrals.

      Now, if I could just pinpoint the WHAT I’d be in business!

    31. PK

      1. Narrow my focus. I can do A LOT, but I can’t do A LOT because I’ll spread myself too thin.
      – Maybe I need to put my feelers out to see where I need to direct my focus. I’m talented enough to do A LOT of things and will start where I feel the most comfortable and venture out from there.

      2. Fear of failing. I have the the drive and desire to do what I love, but I’m afraid of failing.
      – If at first I don’t succeed; try, try again! If I don’t accept failure (and make the best of a bad situation), then failure is a thing of the past.

      3. Overqualified. If I can’t find the perfect job, then I have to make it.
      – I said it on Day 2. If I’m overqualified for the positions that I’m applying to and don’t think people will hire me for that reason, then I need to create something that utilizes my background, education, and skills.

    32. JF

      I know I am a day late….I am networking and am changing my tune… practiced last night…I didn’t tell everyone all of my roadblocks, I started to tell them of my successes in networking….
      I went to a Women for Hire event a few months ago and listened to Tory…she said that if we weren’t commenting on LinkedIn we weren’t using it right…well, I finally screwed up the courage to start commenting, got noticed and got some informational interviews from that! I still don’t have the job but I am job shadowing this Tuesday, have another call next week…it is moving…forward moving.

    33. HDR

      What can I do specifically to deal with one or more of my obstacles from yesterday’s lesson? My first obstacle was lack of confidence. To deal with this, I would attempt to get out of my comfort zone, in any business or social setting, by speaking up more often and openly in a large group, or with people with whom I’m not comfortable or familiar.

    34. D.A.

      My three obstacles were these:
      1. Lack of experience for a new field.
      2. Money to go back to school.
      3. My skills need to be refreshed in my current field.
      What I will do to tackle them and move forward will be this:
      Although money is a big obstacle, I still need to go back to school to update my current talents and skills so that I can make myself more marketable to this very competitive and saturated industry. I am now looking into continuing education courses and certificate courses to help me with my larger goal. I figured it is better to invest a couple of hundred dollars now because in the long run this is helping me with the bigger picture. Once I complete my courses, I will feel more confident in myself to have this knowledge and it will definitely be easier to gain permanent employment within a good company with a satisfying salary. Once working permanently and more stable I will then be able to go back to school for the new field I am interested in and pursue my larger goal.

    35. KBH

      Commenting a day late for Day 4 assignment. My biggest obstacle is time (not enough hours in the day) with my real estate job and also to pursue the efforts required to find the dream job. So I have made the time to contact someone (via email) internally at my dream company to try to get helpful info on my ultimate plan. I know this contact because we worked together at our former company before the reorg when we both had our jobs eliminated.

    36. EW

      Thanks for the pep talk Tory! I try to be optimistic, but sometimes it is difficult. I have started getting to know people in this area and “making friends”. Hopefully soon I will get to know enough people that I can get a good networking program going on here. I have been going to College while I have been unemployed to expand my skills. I agree that you have to keep busy learning and growing or you will not be able to keep up. I also know that volunteering will keep me in the loop around here and hopefully help me out in the resume department as well!

    37. MJD

      1. Fear: Not finding the job I want and having to take anything to pay the bills. Answer: I never thought about it before but this response is all about me. And I am projecting in to the future. I need to stay in the here and now, more importantly I need to see things more realistic. I and taking my fears and writing them down an really looking at what they are about and what if anything I can do about them.

      2. Money: Not having enough to do the things I need to do. Answer: Again I am projecting in to the future. At this moment in time I am ok whith the money I have.

      3. No Confidence: Answer: I think this more about fear. So I am ging to refer to the first answer.

    38. sad

      I am a great advice giver but not when it comes to myself. I am the President of my neighborhood association and whatever the community wants or need, i am the go to person and i can get it done. but for me, not so much. i’m afraid to ask for someone to support me. I must find away to overcome this fear or rejection for myself.

    39. I’m sorry I didn’t get this posted last night. I had a problem with my computer. The only thing I have standing in my way is not knowing where to find people who would hire a home based employee to do typing or research.

    40. KC

      My obstacles lately has been not enough open positions that I’m seeking and my lack of interviews. I guess one way to find an open position is through “the hidden job market”, however if you don’t formally know someone who is in authority to hire or lead you to hired, they are un-willing to give you a chance. To address my lack of interviews, I just need to get more. I haven’t applied as much, so applying more, more follow-up and more reaching out to companies where I want to work.

    41. ASM

      In order to overcome my challenges I have to constantly work on myself! I wrote in my previous post that I need to stop being fearful of the unknown and stay positive (because I am a confident woman!), stay focused and keep to my schedule and find more opportunities to network. I currently network online but I know I need to get out and network.

      So I will say to myself, “I am a strong and confident woman,” with my schedule in hand on my way to a networking event!

    42. WR

      Network. network Network is the biggest piece of getting the next position.

    43. JKP

      Keeping focused is my number one issue. To combat this tendency, I can write a plan of action that I can refer to each week. I can also enlist friends and family to help me keep on track, by letting them know what my plans are and asking them to check up on my progress preiodically. Their feedback also acts as a sounding board and helps me direct my efforts and develop strategies for knowing what I want and moving in that direction. That same network of friends and family help me keep my motivation up, as they root for me to succeed.

    44. I.S.

      I need to be more confident in my talents and abilities and what I can bring to the table!

    45. Ruth Williams

      I am now working temp and part-time jobs to supporting my family. Plus between jobs I am trying to find an intrenship in the medical field because I have no expereince in thiis field. As for my age , I am reviewing my skills and my value. I have been certified as a medical assistant and obtain my Associate Degree since I been laid-off. I am also planning to get my BA which would combine both medical and legal.

    46. I have been doing a lot of things right but have not been paying as much attention as I should to other areas because I’ve been scared. The first few days of this job club have really motivated me to change that! I’ve signed up for a networking events in my field and I found a class that directly targets a weak area for me and got into it just as it was beginning (last night)! I also got back in touch with a colleague in my field to meet for lunch.

    47. CR

      Fully treating my job search like a full-time job and making a plan everyday.
      Looking for networking opps.
      Researching companies I want to work at AND if they have volunteer opps.
      Whatever information I don’t know, or skills I don’t have, go get it. There are many free classes, the library and the internet can give me the info I need. No excuses.

    48. L

      One of my unwritten obstacles in the second-day exercise was not having the experience or formal training as a personal stylist/shopper. I have made a few efforts to educate myself, but not on a consistent basis.

      Last year I offered to shop for a friend’s mother who was celebrating her birthday. I selected several outfits, taking pictures of them all, and then sending those pics to my friend. Her mother selected my personal favorite and wore it to the celebration. I was thrilled! Thrilled! My friend later announced at the gthering that I was her mother’s personal stylist for the event, and I was embarrassed! It could have been that I did not feel good about myself that day, and in my mind, my appearance did not project that of a stylist. Maybe I felt I did not deserve that attention. Nevertheless, inside, I was proud of my accomplishment but did not stay committed.

      I have also spoken to the head of a fashion merchandising program about working in the visuals department and I have spoken to a store owner about possible work within the visuals department or the personal shopping department of that store, but again I’ve not committed myself to the process.

      First steps, I’m thinking, decide if this is what I really want to do, get committed, get some business cards, develop a creative hook, and put myself out there.

      Also, since I’ve been an admin professional for many years, perhaps in order to gain some extra cash, I could consult in the areas of proofreading, editing, revising resumes, etc. as i’ve done for FREE over the years.

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