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Lisa Lockwood: Triumphing Over Adversity with Unwavering Determination

Lisa Lockwood: Triumphing Over Adversity with Unwavering Determination

Lisa Lockwood, an emblem of resilience and strength, navigated a challenging life path, making her rise to success nothing short of extraordinary.

Born into poverty, Lisa’s journey took her from participating in a beauty pageant to becoming an acclaimed author, speaker, and life coach. With her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees, she has become an inspiration for many through her journey of self-reinvention and ceaseless determination.

Lisa Lockwood’s Accolades: Embodying Dedication and Excellence

Lisa’s commendable stint in the United States Air Force is a testament to her grit and perseverance. She served a tour of duty in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm in 1992, garnering her prestigious accolades such as ‘Airman of the Year Worldwide Logistics Squadrons’, ‘Airman of the Year’, and numerous service and conduct medals.

These honors reflect Lisa’s dedication and her unwavering commitment to her duties.

Lisa Lockwood’s Law Enforcement Career: Breaking Boundaries and Setting Precedents

After leaving the Air Force, Lisa joined the Chicago Police Academy, setting the stage for a groundbreaking career in law enforcement. Her challenging journey included surviving an abusive marriage, navigating the male-dominated military, and finally carving out a remarkable career in law enforcement.

Lisa broke boundaries as the department’s first female SWAT member and proved her mettle as an undercover narcotics detective, even receiving training from the DEA. Recognizing her incredible contributions, she was named Officer of the Year in 2002.

Today, Lisa Lockwood is an acclaimed speaker, author, and life coach. Having authored “Undercover Angel: From Beauty Queen to SWAT Team…A True Story,” she shares her enlightening journey of transformation, fueled by perseverance, ambition, and self-belief. Lisa’s present life is a far cry from her humble beginnings in 1988 when she competed in the Miss Illinois USA Pageant.

Her journey and achievements serve as a beacon of hope for those navigating their paths.

Lisa Lockwood as an Author and Career Coach

Lisa Lockwood’s literary prowess comes to light with her insightful book, “Reinventing You: The 10 Best Ways to Launch Your Dream Career.” As an author, Lisa leverages her extensive experience navigating numerous career reinventions, distilling valuable lessons for her readers.

Her book serves as a practical guide to personal and professional transformation, offering tried-and-true strategies to launch and achieve one’s dream career.

In “Reinventing You,” Lisa provides readers with a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of reinvention, including the reasons that may prompt a need for change, effective strategies for successful transformation, and indicators signaling when it’s time to reinvent again.

She encourages readers to take control of their personal and professional growth, advising them on how to turn unexpected life events into opportunities for advancement and fulfillment.

Lisa’s unique ability to articulate her life experiences and lessons learned lends the book a deeply personal and relatable tone. It empowers readers to embrace change and take proactive steps towards reinvention.

As an author, Lisa has created a transformative roadmap for those aspiring to reshape their careers and lives, reinforcing her status as a trusted advisor and guide in the realms of personal growth and career advancement. With “Reinventing You,” Lisa Lockwood continues to inspire, motivate, and guide individuals on their journey to achieving their dreams and realizing their fullest potential.

Healing and Helping Others

Apart from her impressive career path, Lisa is also a certified practitioner in neuro-linguistic programming, timeline therapy, and hypnotherapy. This diverse skill set allows her to aid others in their personal and professional growth, promoting healing and self-improvement.

A Model of Resilience and Reinvention

From overcoming an impoverished upbringing and an abusive marriage to achieving a stellar military and law enforcement career, Lisa Lockwood’s life is a tale of resilience, perseverance, and triumphant reinvention.

Today, she stands as a guiding light for others, sharing her experiences and insights, and motivating people to believe in their abilities to overcome adversity and achieve success. Lisa Lockwood’s life and work affirm her as a beacon of hope, an embodiment of unwavering strength, and a true role model.

Lisa Lockwood – Themes

– Reinvention 101
– Undercover Angel—From Beauty Queen to SWAT Team-The Inspirational Lisa Lockwood Story
– “Act as if!” The #1 Tool to Achieve Success in Your Personal and Professional Life
– Victim or Victor? Know the difference to make a difference!
– Go All In-The Six Musts to Achieve Success


Lisa Lockwood’s lectures draw upon her memoir, Undercover Angel: From Beauty Queen to Swat Team…A True Story. She captivates audiences with her enigmatic life which details her rugged experiences in the male-dominant domains of the military and law enforcement.

Lisa regales her audiences with many colorful stories, including what it was like to:

– Be the first woman on the department’s ultra-macho SWAT.
– Go undercover to catch pedophiles
– Infiltrate drug rings.
– Pose as a prostitute, Hooter’s waitress, and girlfriend to thugs.
– Overcome the sexist, “Boy’s Club fraternity” of the police community to win their respect and praise.
– Become a narcotics detective, earn Officer of the Year

Not all was easy for Lisa, who traded in her high heels and tiara for combat boots and an M-16 rifle. Lisa inspiringly exemplifies how:

– You can pursue your career dream even if others naysay your efforts.
– One can overcome numerous challenges to succeed.
– Despite the limits of your childhood, you can rise above them to win.
– You can adapt to any situation and make it work for you

“I want my audience to feel inspired by showing them a unique transformation: from a welfare kid into a beauty pageant contestant, a soldier to victim of domestic violence, SWAT cop to man-eater, and finally back into the skin in which I was meant to live: A loving, adventurous, nurturing, driven and passionate lady…who just happens to know how to storm a drug house at a moment’s notice.”

Lisa Lockwood

Lisa Lockwood – Rave Reviews

I enjoyed your talk at the WENS breakfast this morning. Wow, you tell a great story, and it is your life’s adventures and experiences. Good for you! As the saying goes, You have come a long way….baby! I have visited your web site and joined your mailing list. I plan to read your Undercover Angel book.
Karen Edwards, C.S.T. Consultants Inc.

Lisa Lockwood is an inspirational speaker. The members of my women’s network were simply awestruck at Lisa’s inner strength and phenomenal courage.

Lisa will capture the heart of any audience and motivate them to conquer any conceivable obstacle. With such a big heart and a sweet smile, Lisa will offer any audience a memorable experience. GO TAKE ON THE DAY LISA.

Sherry Thacker, President and Founder of The Women’s Entrepreneurial Networking System.

Women do need a hero to help set them free from bondage…whether it is abusive relationships or poverty…they can do it all because you are a living example. I feel so touched and I’m inspired by your story. I know you are a very special lady. You’re not only “hot” from the outside you’re a truly beautiful lady inside Lisa. I know your book is going to be a total success. Everyone and women, especially, need to hear your story.

Kim Ha, Real Estate Broker/Owner, Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, RE/MAX Elite

I was very moved by your presentation of: “Undercover Angel-The Lisa Lockwood Story.” You made us feel what you were feeling. You are an outstanding speaker because you deliver from the heart.

Naureen Durack, CHA
Formation Pro/Action Training
West Island, Quebec

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